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We are now in a time of great transition on the planet and it is time to really know the light that we are.


On the spiritual path we are all in service and Tareth doesn’t want to be worshiped like a guru, it is time for humanity to get off its knees and realise that we are one soul family, each of us here to help one another and the world that we live in. Throughout his life he has been manifesting tangible sounds from ‘sacred earth energy centres around the planet’, like Avebury and the Great Pyramid of Giza, Glastonbury and France near Rennes-le-Château, all are used in the deeper Grail work of Tareth.
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We are now in a time of great transition on the planet and it is time to really know the light that we are, these manifested sounds contain codes of awakening and will speak directly to your soul, they will also help raise both the physical and subtle vibration of the body, by bringing together the frequency of each chakra into one unified energy. 

You are the temple that will help bring about the necessary changes for humanity by your presence, now and in the future, this is the true Quest for the Grail, which is the spiritual journey that is open to all of us. Every human is an ‘earth angel’ on a journey to becoming a being of light, this seed is already within you and it has the potential to transcend the cycles of physically incarnating.

The process of realising this potential involves eventually bringing the divine love of the source into everything, every challenge, difficulty, prejudice, joy and even every thought, until they become unified into a oneness. The quest is within until you experience the unity and become one with the light.

Together we can help create this community of light, to bring the living earth and all of humanity into a union of oneness and allow the ‘light body’ to evolve, where your heart can become a temple of peace and harmony for the future.

The Grail Work

The Grail is the spiritual embodiment or blueprint of the wisdom that eventually leads to enlightenment. Although the journey is an inner one across the landscape of your mind, there are physical objects of this earth, which have been encoded with this wisdom, an energy that opens spiritual doorways, Tareth is the guardian of one of these objects. The quest for the grail is a spiritual journey that can be taken by all who choose to, it embodies all what you need to know in order to become self-realised, this is why it has been interpreted throughout history in various religions.

This teaching has been my joy and privilege to bring over many lifetimes, I work with a ‘soul family’ of dear friends where together, we create an open-heart sanctuary and all are welcome, regardless of race, creed or belief. This work has been written about throughout all of our spiritual history and each religion at its core, holds this profound knowledge and wisdom.

We are here to help awaken more of this light; however, the true realisation must come from the choices and freewill of each person seeking the light, our service is to share it and to keep the freedom of choice sacred for all.

Tareth experiences every human aspect as well as being a source incarnation, where he feels both joy and pain as we all do but has always remained approachable. The source is about equality of male and female, the God and the Goddess in both physical and spiritual life. We are all here to help each other and the planet, and it is by being in service to the greater good that we contribute to a much brighter future.

Tareth speaks about the ascension of earth, revealing the secrets of magic that are your true birth right. He speaks about the true meaning of past source teachers of ancient Egypt, of the temple of Buddha and Jesus and how their gifts are now coming into their true meaning, free from religious doctrine. The real story of Angels, who they are, where they come from and to know that you are a part of their family.

The source is an infinite point of probability, the eternal consciousness that is within everything. When we manifest it in its purest form, we help to bring into reality this love, light and harmony, which is the key to awakening.

About Tareth

Born Geoffrey Boltwood in the East End of London, he is now known by his soul name Tareth, which is an embodiment of ‘source energy’. At the age of five he had a serious kidney infection where his heart actually stopped, and he had an NDE (near death experience). Following this, he began to see auras and the spirits of those who had passed, some of which his mother would instantly recognise as those she had once known. The caring support received by his mother for these gifts throughout his childhood, confirmed that consciousness was eternal and that our souls, journey on beyond physical death. It was this early awakening that began Tareth’s life purpose as a spiritual teacher and healer.
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Tareth’s connection with the Elders or ‘light beings’ known throughout history as angels, have been with him throughout lifetimes.

My life is given to awaken the miracles within you, I am here to touch the heart of love and transform the inner dream into reality, it is to you that I dedicate my work’ – You are the Light.

His work has been featured in newspapers, radio and television, including the BBC Everyman series. He is among the very few healers who have been successfully tested by scientists. In 1987 he was able to heal poisoned seeds obtaining a 70% success rate. These were tested under double blind conditions by Dr Tony Scofield and Dr Hodges at Wye College, part of London University.

Healing with Tareth

Tareth offers one to one healing sessions, in person, by zoom or by phone etc

Healing helps to address any imbalances within the physical, energetic, mental or spiritual levels of your being. It can bring relief to physical illness, help to relieve any stresses past and present, and often helps you find the peace that we all have within us.

Tareth often begins a healing session by leading you into a calm state of mind, he then works with the healing energy to help your particular condition, (in a one to one session this can include touch, with your permission), to help bring harmony between your mind, body and spirit. He often uses unique sounds that have been manifested from the Source, that can really help give you a deep connection with the healing light within you, he will also give you a simple process that you can use yourself at home to continue with the healing after your session.


Grail Day Workshops for 2024

Saturday February 10th 2024
Saturday May 18th 2024
Saturday August 17th 2024
Saturday/Sunday November 2nd/3rd 2024

‘Crystallised Consciousness’

Temple of Earth Temple of Mind

Saturday 17th of August 2024

Crystalline consciousness plays a vital part in our connection with the spiritual light of source within us. This consciousness in the infinite stream of mind is not limited to our planet, it connects us physically, subtly and spiritually with the whole universe, cosmos and beyond.
Every crystal has a harmonic resonance with all other crystals and now the crystal consciousness energy, is rising to a new higher vibration for this time of awakening. This crystallised awareness on your spiritual journey will become another beautiful step into the light of oneness. 

We will work deeply with all of the spiritual energy centres of earth, which brings together profound teachings from time past, into the light of now. What we do in service for the source, helps open the doorway, for every soul awakening to their true spiritual purpose. 

We will continue working with the two new Sun and Cosmic Chakras, which will create within you a beautiful connection with the universal energy of source using manifested sounds from earth energy centres, along with sounds of crystal consciousness. 

A ‘physical stone’, manifested from the Temple of Thoth and linked to the Grail, will bring into our beautiful sanctuary, the wisdom of these profound teachings. We will play the sounds manifested by Tareth in the Great Pyramid of Giza, to crystallise the temple of earth into the temple of your consciousness, which play a significant part in humanity’s spiritual awakening.
This will be a wonderful, uplifting and healing day, and become a major step in the energy for our future work. Remember to bring along a crystal, to absorb all of this beautiful energy, and it will be held within it. 

In the Light of the Source,


Where: Avalon Constitutional Club (upstairs)  50 High St.  Glastonbury BA6 9DX
When: Saturday 17th of August 2024
Time: 10:30 to 17:30
Price: £90 Nobody is ever turned away for financial reasons, please just ask




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