Awakening the Grail Within 2020

Grail day workshops are regular meeting days for people who want to get involved in the work of Tareth
at a deeper level, we meet four times a year on a Saturday 10.30am - 5.30pm. Participants are given
meditations and other exercises to do at home until the next group meeting takes place.

Although our work is about awakening a deep connection with your soul light body it is also about your earthly life. This is going to be one of the themes that we work with in our regular groups during the next year. Over many years, and many of you have been with me when I did this, I have manifested sounds from sacred places such as the pyramids in Egypt, Avebury other places, and also sounds of the universal chakra energy, the subtle DNA and the beautiful consciousness of nature. These all have a part of allowing us to raise our consciousness and to find strength and new perceptions. For some time now I have been working, with guidance from the source to combine different frequencies of the sounds which will be a part of our work. The sounds do not solve the problem what they do is to give you access to the loving power within you the soul wisdom that gives you purpose and the ways to put this into everyday life. It helps to diminish fear, to stand strong.  To bring healing and change to difficult situations and finding things which empower you to be really feeling the light guidance and healing that is in all nature. Everyone has an opportunity to not only really be that soul in the body now but to help create energies that help you grow personally

It’s important to really find true  individuality and at the same time have a deep open channel with that community of soul which we all belong to and that which we have within us that we can manifest in our life and time now to help us on this journey to peace and understanding.

Of course we will continue. In our meetings to share thoughts and healing and soul connection to send out light and love in to world and to help each other.

Dates for our regular meetings in Glastonbury for 2020: 1st February, 25th April, 11th July and 10th October

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