Stephen Houghton

9th Aspect Healing

This web page is designed to give you information about Spiritual/Alchemic Healing and Etheric Surgery with Stephen Houghton, who is one of the United Kingdoms top healers. He has trained and been part of the deepest work of Tareth for over 18yrs and considers Tareth to be his teacher/mentor and continues to work closely with him.

A common question is what exactly is 9th Aspect Healing?

A short answer to that question would be that the energy Stephen works with is the 9th aspect of the Source to have entered this planet, there have been other aspects throughout our planets history. The reason for using the term Source is that Stephen is not linked to any one religion or dogmatic teaching, he believes that healing is of a Spiritual nature but is not owned or only available through one belief system or another.
He believes at our essence we are all Spiritual beings and the energy involved in healing comes from the highest possible source.

Stephen has worked on many forms of illness and disease with some amazing results. As with any form of treatment results cannot be guaranteed, even your G.P. cannot guarantee results. People respond in different ways varying from an improvement in their condition to a full cure, rarely patients may not respond at all.
Complimentary therapy sometimes gets a bad deal from the press and media in general, there are lots of scientific evidence to support healing as a positive treatment. It is slowly but surely being accepted by the medical world as a beneficial treatment for many illness.

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Rebecca Blumberg


Craniosacral Therapy
Rebecca Blumberg


Cranio Sacral Therapy is a gentle and profound body therapy. Physically it is based on the rhythmic wave movements of the spinal fluid, the movements of the cranial bones and the different tissues of our bodies and the interrelationship between all of them.

Every cell of our body is in motion.

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Oxford Tareth Meditation Group

When we can find a silent time, a little space in our day, to put aside the things that so demand our attentions and just be, a certain magic begins to happen.

As we allow ourselves to just breathe and be alive and aware of the moment, our being begins to slowly and gently find a natural harmony. Our mind and body find a natural balance and as this arises the boundaries to the very essence of our being begin to fall away.

This essence, this soul connection feeds and nourishes us and maintains our natural growth and development. Experiencing this harmony inside ourselves, by whatever practice we feel drawn to, allows that connection to open and the wisdom and the love it brings to be a part of our daily experience. 

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Inner light center in Denmark that works according to Tareth's Alchemic healing methods,
ideas and values.

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Susanna Willis - Yoga and Communication


Ik hoop dat deze website voor jou een bron van inspiratie zal zijn.

Ben je op zoek naar geestelijk en lichamelijk evenwicht; wil je jouw lichaam vitaal, soepel en gezond houden; heb je last van stressverschijnselen zoals hyperventilatie of rugklachten; zoek je innerlijke rust en zelfkennis, of spirituele begeleiding? Dan kun je op deze site meer lezen over:

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Elisabeth Conrad
Beethovenstrasse 36
CH-3073 Gümligen
T+F 0041 31 951 70 30

Heart Medicine

Heart Medicine


Heart Medicine is about walking a Path of the Heart.
It is about healing and opening our hearts. 
The heart is the center for love, compassion and spirituality.
It connects mind and body with spirit.



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Felicity and Kim from the web site Golden Cosmic Heart

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