Dragon's Eggs


The Dragon is asleep
Deep in the ground, guarding a new egg
Patience and trust are its parents

And so one day it will be able to shine its light with power

and forgiveness upon human


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ISBN 978-0-9564217-0-8

Dragon's Eggs

Rebecca Blumberg

Rebecca Blumberg


To my dear friend Vera 17,04,1970 - 21,11,2008

who always encouraged me to publish my creative work.
The poem 'Circle of Souls' is written for her.

And to Tareth

I have always loved literature.
To dive into the world of words.
It is magic when people find the right words and create a piece of art to enrich our minds and senses.

After my partner Tareth had publicly manifested Earth sounds at Avebury in 2008, poems started to come through my mind.
I wrote them within about three months.
Then this creative source became quieter again.

The paintings have been made over the past five years.
I paint from within my stillness.

The poems and paintings come from that wonderful, mysterious place inside and shine through the veil of my conscious mind.

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