Channelings by Arkuma


Soul Journey

Your soul journey is like water, it will always find its way no matter what is put before it and it will always keep flowing. Even a dam will break against its mighty force as water cannot stop moving and just has to keep flowing back to its source of origin.

It is only when humans try to control the natural flow, like pushing water uphill, it simply can’t work as it is against the natural flow of things. We don’t tell water which direction to move in, or where it should go because it simply knows, eventually each of us like a stream, will find its way back to the ocean ‘the source’ of all things.

What we think and what we know are two very different things, like knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge reveals itself through words and its truth can only be perceived by the minds observing it, wisdom however, has no need for words and can only be perceived by the deep knowing inside, because to think one knows the true wisdom in the silence, when the mind still questions things, only turns that wisdom back to knowledge and it is this knowledge that one carries inside themselves that usually supports their belief system. 

Wisdom seeks not confirmation or agreement from another soul, it is safe in the silent knowing, as it is totally aware of the bigger picture. A book has a beginning, middle and an end and even if one was to reveal to you the end of that story, surely the growth you would experience from being a part of the story would teach you far more, than by just knowing the end outcome. It is said ‘the question enlightens, not the answer’. With no expectation comes no disappointment.

The challenges faced today are the blessings of tomorrow. It is like looking at an artist’s beautiful masterpiece. Up close it is a blur and to the analytical mind, it may question the colours chosen as they do not seem to mix too well, just take a few steps back and look with fresh eyes and the glory will reveal itself. We have to move back from any given situation like the painting, to really see the beauty it holds, if we didn’t all gifts would become lost.

© Arkuma September 2012




Enter a stillness that reminds you where you are from, be in the light of the source and let each cell of your being radiate a light that illuminates you. Be in the timeless moment, have no thought in your eternal now, be the light that you are and let it shine within and around you.

The light beings guiding our spiritual evolution are closer now than they have ever been, speaking to your consciousness and celebrating in the silence your awakening. In your dreams you will know us and recognize us without need of a label, to define what you feel.

We draw closer to help guide you as an individual and the collective consciousness of the planet and all beings upon it. Never before in the history of this earth has the wisdom that has been preserved ready for this time, reached a point of readiness to beat in the rhythm of each persons heart that is open to becoming an earth angel.

Be in the silence where all sound dissolves and the potential for the light sound can emerge. At a cellular level now, the vibration of physical matter and subtle energy are changing, shifting frequencies to allow the new light body energy to become stronger.

For thousands of years now the earth has been talking to humanity on a subtle level by transmitting these sounds constantly, but only a subtle level. This may have been felt or heard inside, now is the time where you can hear them physically.

The light, which is in all things is expanding, your light and the light body you are becoming are beginning to grow stronger now. Individual’s code of awakening is being stirred and those that hear the call will be the light that will shine for all that seek it, in turn becoming a beacon of light on the earth.

These manifested sounds are the light beings (angelic presence) speaking beyond words directly to the heart of your soul. You only have to feel this truth inside to know you are a part of something much bigger and that you are moving closer towards the cosmic family to which you belong.

The stars will seem closer and will shine brighter within you and the barriers between inside and outside will no longer exist. The time is upon humanity to realize its part in creating the collective consciousness by opening their hearts and minds and to awaken the light body energy within, through the doorway of the planet.

© Arkuma 2012




In this journey of discovery you will ask many things. Why is only a substitute for knowing, knowing leads to understanding and from this you will begin to awake.

To become realized you have to drop the mask of pretence and understand your place in this vast universe.

When you question things you are searching and in doing so, you will find more questions to that which you discover.

There is no absolute, which is the paradox of this duality driven dimension, but remember you are a dimensional being and can transcend these limitations through the art of meditation and be in touch with all creation.

Let your hearts desires be a longing for unfolding more of your true being and the soul light that you are and becoming more of.

Fear is an illusion but will test which way you approach the truth that never alters, only your perception will change according to the space you are in and what lessons this fear has for you.

Be gentle and humble, in the darkness you cannot see that which you think is necessary but within the darkness there are also no shadows, here remind yourself of the infinite spark of the source that you are and let nobody diminish this.

Your light is what you are and will become more of, let the eternal flame which is sacred illuminate the path that you walk.

Speak your truth both in the words and the silence that you keep!


© Arkuma 9th Feb 2010









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