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Avebury Sound Manifestation

Sound manifested from stone at Avebury

Independent account of events at Avebury in her own words and understanding by Anthea Durand

Connecting with the earth consciousness – the consciousness of “now”.

Glorious weather shone, as we began our retreat in the beautiful bath countryside. A retreat starting with energetic meditations, which would prepare us, for the manifestation of sound from an ancient standing stone in Avebury.

On the 4th day of the retreat, the group started their journey to Avebury. We divided into groups, and we waited patiently in turn, to experience the sound from the stone, the universal sounds which are not normally audible to the human ear.

The sun shone its bright light, reflecting for me the light of the source giving additional energy for the day, and I was aware of the beautiful “ beings” around us, assisting and guiding as they always do, for this amazing event. Tareth was guided to a particular stone, and so the preparation began, and beautiful crystals were placed near to the stone.

Tareth has manifested sounds on a number of occasions, it is a gift that he has. He had recently manifested sound for a stone in Belgium, but like us he was very excited about this event, as this had not happened at Avebury. 

Small groups went in turn to the ancient stone, and each group experienced the manifestation of the sound from the standing stone. Avebury is a high energy point, and a strong energetic portal for the earth, and so it was the appropriate place to experience this work. As I approached the stone, my head began to feel a strong energy, source was very much present here, and I knew that I would be hearing the sounds that had been created from the stones.  I was filled with excitement of hearing the sound of the universe, a universal sound from the stone.

As I approached the stone, I saw Tareth looking upwards, I was aware of a strong energy around him, as he became the conduit for the source to work through him, like a “tuning fork” to open the gateway/portal for the manifestation of the sound from the stones. As a group we repeated invocations, Tareth opened the gateway and the sound began. Words cannot describe the sound because they are not “man made”, all I can describe was that this was a sound from the “underworld”. The sound became stronger and stronger and when Tareth repeated this in the afternoon for an “enthralled” public, the sound sounded more and more like a beautiful orchestra of sound.  The sound moved my soul; I felt I was at “home” with my universal friends. My energy moved with the sound of the earth, and with the tones of the universe, with every tone my energy shifted more and more, I felt that an initiation with the earth consciousness had taken place.  I felt the interconnectedness with the sounds, at one with the source of my being, I was “it”.

The event proved a number of things for me, everything emits sound, much of this we cannot hear. Also when source is ready to lift the veil of a reality, it will do so, but it will also ensure that what needs to remain hidden is hidden, until humanity is ready. And so for me a “veil” was lifted, another reality of sound, and I was exhilarated to the core of my being, and pleased to be part of the alchemic work that I am learning with Tareth in Glastonbury. For the sounds are also powerful healing tools, although the event was very “majestic”, the aim of the Tareth work is much deeper work for humanity, thus why the mass media were not invited, and for this I have the utmost respect for his work.


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